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Fall 2018 

About the Client 

MHM is a property management company providing luxury and affordable rental units within the UIUC campus. MHM has been a part of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign community for over 25 years.  

The Problem

MHM wanted to increase its occupancy rate and create a branding strategy for its new and existing customers

The Solution

By conducting analysis about the property management industry, performing primary research using interviews and surveys, and interpreting its respective SWOT Analysis, the FACES Consulting team created a branding strategy to attract new residents and retain existing ones. The team suggested ideas and strategies to also create and refine different marketing channels and gave recommendations to retain customers based on their analysis. Using their unique perspectives as current international, college students, the team then concluded with recommending improvements for MHM as a property management industry.


Sam Lee, our client and MHM’s manager, said the following: “Working with FACES organization led by the student leaders and consultants with various backgrounds and experiences have taught us a great amount how to build a better business with different ideas and creativity. With their tremendous hard work and effort have helped us to market our student consumers, designed marketing strategies, and finding information that is very helpful. The groups were easy to communicate with weekly updates and advance notices. If you are looking for quality services and consultants, FACES Consulting is what we recommend.”

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