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Fall 2017

About the Client

Westbon currently focuses on both personal loan and auto financing for international students and is committed to creating a one-stop financing platform which provides international students with hassle-free car purchase experience.

The Problem

The central objective of our project with Westbon was the construction of comprehensive marketing plan to help Westbon strategize and optimize its recent market entry into the U of I campus. The marketing plan involved the design and conduction of competitive analysis, market strategy, budgeting and performance metrics.

The Solution

During the initial phrase of the project, the FACES team performed SWOT Analysis, Porter's Five Forces Analysis, customer need identification, potential market analysis and segmentation through the means of both primary and secondary research to help establish the client's competitive space. Next, the three major advertising venues, online channels, offline events, and partnership with RSOs were brainstormed, broken down, and examined based on practicability, effectiveness, audience base, execution costs. The final compiled document provided the client with detailed planning on the execution of various advertising activities catering to the U of I campus.

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